Error running simulation?

I’m trying to run a simulation of a milling job with two tools but i get this error…

An unexpected error has occurred:
…Program Files\SheetCam TNG\plugins/sim/sims/Mill.lua:8: attempt to call field ‘SetEncoding’ (a nil value)
This error occurred on line 1256 in file …\Camlib\postmacro.cpp)
Post processing failed

Any ideas???

That is odd. Have you downgraded your coy of SheetCam at any point? The only way I can think of getting that fault is if you have a sim from a recent copy of SheetCam runing on an old version of SheetCam. Try uninstalling and reinstalling. You won’t lose your settings or license.

Thanks Les,

No i have not downgraded, it started when i switched from running as a single app to running as a split profile setup - mill & plasma

Re-installing has fixed the issue.

The internet mentioned a 3d path viewer - does that exist or was it older version??