Editing my post...

I want to add a subroutine number to my codes so that a button can jump straight to that section of code for dry-runs on a plasma table. It needs to be on the last cut which is usually the perimeter cut and is used for verifying the position on the metal before cutting.

This code for OnPenDown() was given to me as working but when i try adding it my post fails.

if (string.find(operationName, _(“Outside Offset”) )) then
post.TextDirect(“o549 \n”)
post.Text (" X")
post.Number (Sline1,“0.0000”)
post.Text(" Y")
post.Number (Sline2,“0.0000”)


Ok seems I need to add this too…
ADD TO OnRapid()

Sline1 = (endX * scale)
Sline2 = (endY * scale)

But it does not recognise the outside offset and just pastes the sub number after every M03.

Any ideas???

Ok found out why -

when you let sheet cam choose the inside / outside automatically it sets them all to outside offset for some reason even though it has correctly made the inner one inside offset.

The new code then recognises the outside offset correctly but pastes the sub code after every M03 which will not work.

Is there a better way to detect the last cut operation ???

Could you keep your perimeter cut on it’s own drawing layer and on it’s own operation?

Yes, you can simply do manual layering in SheetCam and it works, it makes the planning a bit slower but it does work.

I’m afraid there isn’t any reliable way to detect the outer contour in the post. All you can do is put the outline on a different layer as others have suggested.

Thanks Les, It’s a pity but at least it can be worked around.

If you start the drawings (if you draw them) with the idea of always putting the perimeter cut on it’s own layer and possibly using SheetCAM’s job templates to help setup the operations. I don’t know if that would help make up the time…


Thanks, it’s just a different way of working. I’m fairly new to SheetCam and I’m used to letting the software do it’s thing for me, It just means I need to take control of it.

No real need to split the layers in the drawing as it’s just as easy to use sheet cam to flip the contour form one layer to another.

Just a matter of remembering to do it :slight_smile:

HIYA Dave you will find in teh DIY CNC world there is a LOT of things you still have to do for the machine whereas it should be doing it for you.

Ya just have to get used to it . For the most part with plasma you really need to be in control of layering and operational order to help insure a quality cut. Here I use a standard of 4 layers


I have a plugin somewhere here I was working on that allows you to just push a button and the operations were automatically applied IN THE correct order based on layer names. BUT YOU still had to assign the correct layer names (:wink: I normally do that in teh Cad side but you can do it in teh Scam side as well.

(:wink: TP