Dynatorch Post

I’m running a Super-B with software version, and SheetCam vr 7.0.16
I’m using the Dynatorch post.
I just added the Dynascribe and got it working pretty good.
Currently, I’m setting up different layers and operations for scribe and cutting. When I bring it in to DT to cut, I have to manually lower the torch within 1/2" of the plate to be scribed (on the advice from Russell, I was told by another user that Leon mentioned the same), and then start cycle. All scribe operations start then cut operations.
There are times that I forget to lower the torch before start cycle and the scribe runs but since I forgot to lower the torch no scribing took place, but the cut operation completed.
Is there a way to setup the post to use ohmic sensing to touch off the plate then retract 1/2" to begin the scribe/cut operation?
In my post list I have the following:

  • Dynatorch

  • Dynatorch no feed

  • Dynatorch old

  • Dynatorch pierce starts

  • Dynatorch router

  • Dynatorch2

I’m a complete noob at gcode, but slowly learning

Thanks for your help.

As far as I can see Dynatorch does the ohmic sensing when it is told to pierce. I don’t know of any way to trigger the ohmic sensing without running a pierce cycle.

Thank you sir… i was afraid of that.
As far as all the posts, is there one i should be using over another?

Dynatorch changed the way their machines work a few times, hence the assortment of posts. Try the ‘Dynatorch’ post first. Of you have an older machine the ‘Dynatorch old’ post may be better.

My table is newish with latest software… i’ve been using the ‘Dynatorch’ post, i’ll remove the rest.
Thanks for your help and an awesome product!