DXF post processor issue

I tried to use the DXF post processor for the first time, and I’ve having issues. I’m running the CandCNC Linux setup, their most recent revisions. Sheetcam is 6.1.50.

I’ve pulled up an old job file, and changed the post to the DXF post. I’ve removed all offset, lead-ins, lead-outs, and overcuts. I have toolpaths showing that basically duplicate the parts. I’ve used the DXF post, and output a DXF file. However, when I try to open that DXF file with CorelDraw, I get a “unrecoverable error” window. It won’t open. I tried opening the file in Fusion360 also, and it will not import there either.

I’ll attach a copy of the output DXF. Any ideas what may be causing this issue?
Raynick deer and Jackson from etsy.dxf (106 KB)

You have some rules defined. These rules are being output into the dxf code, which makes a real mess of things.