dxf import no layers

Good morning Les.
I am being sent dxf files from a marine engineer, basically cut out files for the boat that we are to build. Now he has put different layers on the drawings to indicate lineup marks, bend lines, weld positioning, then the inside and outside contours. My problem is that when I import the drawings I have only one layer, which if this was a simple drawing I would just move the contours to separate layers and it’s done. This is quite different, I don’t have the confidence the be able to move ‘all’ the correct and relevent lines to their appropriate layer, without stuffing something up. Is there anything that can do, or should do to correct this. Is there an appropriate version of software that I should be using. My licence number is VJLSL9P6 and I have had this for 6 years new from Tom. Just a note I have had others send me dxf’s with layers and they have come through. I will attempt to send you a file and could you let me know if it works for you
3mm sheet3.dxf (30.6 KB)

Just had a look shows up as layers for me

Also opened in vcarve aspire has layers also

Good morning swiftcut.
I do get the layer colours, but not the layer number / identification in the ‘layer’ box on the left hand side of the screen. That is what I am after, since the ‘layers’ from the guy doing the drawings is very important in this case

So your layer names are showing up as “colors”? I seem to remember there is an option to use “colors” for the layer names. When you import the drawing, there is a check box to “use colour names as layer names”


Thanks for that Steve.
Yes got on here now just to clarify that very point. I have had the ‘use colours as layer names’ box checked for years now and never changed it, didn’t know what it was for, so never touched it. Had been playing around with one of the engineers that I work with doing dxf’s and he confirmed that all the layers were there. All I needed to do is get them to show up. All it was just that little box checked. Uncheck that box and all is good. Thanks for everyones help. We all live and learn something ever day, only wish that some of these things would come a little easier :blush: