DXF drawing - Sheetcam cannot import? Example attached


Cannot make Sheetcam correctly import this attached drawing.

If you open in Autocad, can see the correct drawing.

Importing in SheetCam 6.0.11, the drawing is different from the original.

The original file is AutoCad2007 DXF.

Any hint? Will be used in a Plasma CNC

Ps.: It´s ok when the file is saved with DXF R12 / LT extension, but it “kills” arcs segments and the machine cut is not smooth.

Never happened before. This is a customer drawing.

Thank you,

In time: exploding the drawing make it work ok.

Sheetcam, as the manual says, cannot handle block entities.

Saving DXF 2007 or 2000 or even 2010 do not change anything, work OK after exploding the block.

Thank you, topic closed.