Drill error on re open job

I’ve been having this issue for a long time and it’s still there in the newest version of Sheetcam.

If I create a job (Which I generally do by importing a .dxf file) and add a drill operation everything is fine. I then save the job.

Every time I come back and open the job again, I get an error saying no drill holes found. If I re-import the .dxf file the errors go away and the drill operation is part of the job.

Can you resolve this please. Happy to send you files to demonstrate the issue. Not isolated to a single job, happens whenever I add drilling to a job.

Many thanks

Hello Simon,
I have the same problem, do not use DXF files for drill operations, use SVG files instead.
Dennis Shaw

I have had a few reports of this fault but have had trouble replicating it here.

Could you send me your drawing and a support file. To create a support file go to Help->Create a support file. Click on the ‘Create file’ button. If you email the two files to me I’ll try to replicate the fault.

Hi Les,

I’ve sent support files as requested. I have sent one for the re opened job with the error and one for the job once the dxf has been re imported (so no error).

I just knocked up a simple file to show the issue rather than sending my current complex job. More than happy to send you and files you need. I’m only in the next county along and more than happy to discuss via telephone.


Thanks Simon, I think I have found the problem. I’ll upload a new release in the next few hours.

Still not seen an update Les. Do you have an ETA?

Oops, the upload must have failed. I re-ran the upload and it is now on the website.

Thanks Les… I see the update and confirm issue is resolved.