Double image on job

I was just working on a new job and had something weird happen. Closed Sheetcam and tried the same thing again, and the same thing happens. The vector art I was working on is an svg.
I went to move a start point on the 2nd layer of the job I was working on. When I clicked on the new start point on the left front paw, all of a sudden the red background disappeared, and a 2nd white outline offset to the left and down appeared. I’m doing this on a Linux computer using Sheetcam 6.1.38, which I have not used since I updated to it. I’ve not had this happen on other jobs on older Sheetcam updates. I do not know if it affects the plasma cutting of the resulting g-code file.
I’m using the Ubuntu 16.04 Linux operating system and have attached a screenshot of what I’m talking about.

That looks like a strange OpenGl issue. It is very unlikely to affect your g-code.