did i do something wrong?

I have been plasma cutting for seven months now.EZ router 5 by 5 with sheetcam and mach 3. I cut a lot of art stuff and some plates with holes and slots.I use corel x3 ,turn it into dxf and send it to sheetcam,I’ve only used bobcad v21 a couple of times.Everything has been working fine.When I get into sheetcam and it ask for a layer number I usually just highlite the 0 unless the 01 is there. It always seems to work fine.Now it only shows 0 or 03. So now I’v been using the 03, it works but the last three cuts that I’ve used the 03 layer on seem to have a realy fast rapid travel speed. I tried to slow it down in the caculate time box and didn’t seem to notice any difference. It has always been set at 78.?? since I started cutting, I turned it down to 50 and seem to see any difference. Did I do something different without knowing it??? Thanks for listening,CURLY

SheetCam has no control over the rapid speed. This is controlled by Mach. The rapid speed shown in the calculate time box is purely for the time calcs and will not affect the code in any way.