Development version 6.1.53 crash on export to nestfab

Hey Les,

I tried to search the forum and couldnt find any reference so i just wanted to see if you are aware that the development version 6.1.53 crashes and closes upon attempting to export a part to nestfab. Perhaps i’m doing something wrong.

Also i cannot get sheetcam to import a nestfab file. nestfab uses file extension .nfb and sheetcam expects .nest I havent downloaded mynesting to see if there is an issue with it too.


Hi David,

I did some tests and it does look like something is pretty broken. I can’t get it to crash but Nestfab won’t import the files generated by SheetCam. It looks like they have made some changes.

As a workaround you can load your drawings directly into Nestfab, nest them then export the nest as a dxf, which you can load into SheetCam.

That’s what i ended up doing. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the glitch. Thanks!