Decimal mark problem

I have problems with the decimal marks. My system language is set to sv_SE but SheetCam using en_GB according to the debug log. Every text box expecting a float value writes the preset value with a comma but when pressing OK it says it’s unable to parse. I have to replace all commas with points before clicking OK. If changing my system language to english it works.

Is it just me having this problem?

In SheetCam go to Options->application options->language and select ‘System default language’. That should solve the problem.

When I changed to System default the problem remained with this lines in the log:

Application started
21:43:10: System language is Swedish (sv_SE)
21:43:10: Currently selected language is System default language
21:43:10: Unable to determine current language.

But when I changed back to english it suddenly worked. It uses decimal points and thats fine for me as long it’s consistently.