Cutting a pocket with multiple bosses


I am cutting a pocket with multiple bosses in the middle and I want sheetcam to make only one plunge movement as plunging is a undesirable cutting condition. There is plenty of room for the cutter to get between all the bosses. As it is now there are many many plunge movements and I am wearing out the bottoms of centre cutting endmills faster than I would like. The rapid movements cross through the centre of some of the bosses so I cannot just delete the z moves.

Any help?

SheetCam does it’s best not to lift but there are times when it simply can’t get around it. Try using zigzag instead of spiral. That sometimes helps. Also I would strongly recommend ramping. Ramp cutting reduces the cutting loads considerably.

I dont mind re-cutting over old paths as some of the paths between the bosses just leave enough for finishing on either side.

Any plans for a “stay down” option?

Seriously I got like 30 start points per pass.

I love sheetcam to bits but for this application it isn’t really feasible.