Cut sequence randomise? setting pause between cuts?

Good day.
An unusual question here…

When I cut aluminum plate it bends/warps heavily, (I do not have a water table).
Is there a way to kind of randomize the cut sequence that it cuts far away of each other as possible?

I did it manually but I have to do 60+ cuts and it takes a long time in sheetcam.
So I try to setup this way to avoid warpage and also pause between about 8 cuts for about 2 min to avoid warpage as well.
Works pretty good but is there a way to do this in sheetcam.

It would go much slower but I rather go slow and be good in 1 time than to rework.

Thank you!

In your cutting operation go to the cut path tab and set the cutting rules to ‘Minimise thermal distortion’. Set the preferred distance between cuts to something that suits your application, say 1/4 the plate size.

Thank you!
Works great…one more question on the same subject.
If I have multiple cut operation…let say 12 individual curves.

Is there a way to apply the same rule?

I’m afraid it only works for one operation.
When you say you have multiple cut operations, are these on different drawings? The development version of SheetCam has an option to combine all parts into one.