Creating code snippet using M8/M9 for oxy fuel

Hi, Newbie user on sheetcam. I just updated my CandCNC from windows/mach to CommandCNC/linux. Was using a different nesting software before.

My question is how to create a correct code snippet or other operation to correctly add M8 (start output A) and M9 (stop output A) on the “post processor” or wherever it is supposed to be placed. Is there a good write up I could be steered too? I did “search” for topics on M code spippets and oxy fuel but nothing appeared.

Thanks for any help!!


Cross posted

What is “cross posted”?

Same question posted on another forum. I posted the links to connect them so future searchers can locate them no matter which thread gets the answer.

Ahh, nothing to with a sheetcam post. Got It, my bad.