Could not fit leadin on circles

Hey guys,
I am new user to Sheetcam and I am currently evaluating the version 6.1.38 to compile some G-code for my CNC Plasma. It is really intuitive and straightforward, it does the job, however, I cannot fit the leadin to inner circles of the part.

I have spent several hours on the web, trying to figure it out:

  • used several different versions of the SheetCam
  • check if circle is certainly closed curve and if it is recognized as a circle
  • modify leadin type
  • modify leadin length

Nothing of this works for me. I am sorry if someone has already answered that on this forum.

I am attaching the .job to check out.

Keep the good work and best regards,

Looking at your job, you have it set as a no-offset layer. You should move the hole to it’s own layer. Then set up the hole as an inside-offset cut, and the other layer as an outside-offset cut. When you open up your jet cutting operation, the top box is your offset, the next box down is your layer. You’ll end up with 2 jet cutting operations.


Take a look at this revised job.


Thank you for this, perfect!