corner speed


any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m using sheetCAM on a macro cut plasma machine. For some reason when I’m cutting a part, the machine reduces the corner speed on some corner and some corners are just find. For example my feed rate would be 950 then it’ll reach a particular corner and it’ll reduce to 21. It has happen on parts that had like 8 corners but would only slow down for 2 corners. I’ve checked all the settings on the machine, Cam and dxf program and still can’t figure why that is happen.

Thank you in advance

Take a look at Options/Job Options/Path Rules and see if you have a path rule that is being activated. i.e. On circles less than 1 inch set feed to 65% …etc.

I’ve checked that. I only have 1 rule that is if a hole is less than 40ø then reduce speed to 50%. I’ve tried removing the rule however I still have the same issue

Take a look at the g-code. Feed rates start with the letter F, for instance F950. Do you see any odd feed rates in there? If you do, save the job (File->save job). Post the job file here or email it to me. I’ll take a look and see if I can find anything.

I’ve attached the G-code file and also some photos for you.

I had a look at the feed rate as you suggested and I couldn’t see any irregularity with the code.

Thank you in advance

JET FAN WASHER.tap (386 Bytes)

I can’t see any feed rate oddities either. If you are trying to fix problems with rounded corners, may be try enabling corner looping. That can make quite a difference.

I’ve suggested that but we’re cutting a hundred of these so the nest is pretty tight, and we’ll lose a column of plate with a loop. so baffled and frustrated. my last thinking is that maybe there’s something wrong with the plasma cutter machine itself?