Conversion issue?

I have had a few instances lately with the machine just taking off out of nowhere. Looking at the code i found the following at line 3310:

N3290 G03 X1.0141 Y5.3442 I2.2578 J0.0463
N3300 G01 X1.0146 Y5.3350
N3310 G03 X1.0153 Y5.3197 I167.7311 J8.2709
N3320 G03 X1.0337 Y5.0376 I6.1910 J0.2613

I am not sure what I represents but it looks like it is trying to go 167.7311 inches on a 48" table. I have looked through the drawing in the original app and cannot find a ghost line etc anywhere. Anyone have any thoughts how to correct this?

This is being converted from a svg file

I and J are the arc centre. For arcs with very large radii it is quite easy for the centre to be somewhere off the table. The actual move is from X1.0146 Y5.3350 to X1.0153 Y5.3197.

Is that actually the line where it takes off?