Code Snippet

I recently downloaded the necessary software to utilize the CandCNC DCC features. Everything is working fine, with the exception of the code snippet for THC Off.

Prior to the upgrade, I simply had a code snippet (M101) that when activated in the operation, turned the thc off for the entire operation. Now, I use the code snippet (S10), however it does not turn the thc off. Right after the pierce, a S20 command is issued, obviously turning the thc on. If someone could let me know what I am doing wrong, I would appreciate it.

Attached is the code.

The code looks correct so I am guessing you have a configuration issue in Mach3. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about the DCC setup to help any further.

The problem is line N0320. I need this to be an S10 command to cut with the with tch off. I don’t understand why there is an S20 command when I used a code snippet of S10 for the operation.

Mach works fine and cuts it with the thc on, just like the code tells it to. Just need to know how to introduce the code snippet to make an entire operation cut with the thc off.

Thanks for your help.

Oops, sorry I misunderstood. Could I have a copy of your job file (file->save job) with everything set up eady to post process.

Will do, when I get back to the shop. Celebrating our break from The Crown today you know:) Thanks.


Here is the job file you requested.


I see the problem. You are using a post that is set up to automatically turn THC on and off. It knows nothing about the code snippets you are using. You either need to rely on the post or use your own snippets and path ruels to control the THC. To disable the THC function in the post, edit the post and look for these two lines:
thcOnCode = " S20"
thcOffCode = " S10"

and change them to:
thcOnCode = nil
thcOffCode = nil

Ok. Thanks Les.