Changing position of a new jet cutting tool

Is it possible in sheet cam to re-arrange a newly added jet cutting tool within the list of tools?

For example… My tool list was entered in order of material type & amps

T1: Aluminum, 65a, 1/4"
T2: Aluminum, 65a, 3/8"


T7" Mild Steel, 45A, 1/8"
T8: Mild Steel, 45A, 3/16"


Lets say my tool list is 100 tools long & I create tool # 101
T101: Stainless Steel, 45A, 12GA

Say my Tools for Stainless Steel, 45 Amps are tools 40-45, is there a way to drag Tool # 101 up the list so that it is grouped with the other tools that are alike?


I believe they’re sorted by tool number only. I’ve not seen a way to rearrange them without changing tool numbers, which could cause problems when opening old jobs.

Sorry, I missed this post. Tools are ordered by number. You can use the tool table editor to reassign tool numbers.

If you have some spreadsheet skills you can use File->Import/export spreadsheet to save the tool set as a CSV file. You can then edit the tool numbers in the spreadsheet. Save a copy of your tool set before editing it just in case something goes wrong.

But if you switch the tool numbers and then open an old job, things could get messy. I know the job saves the toolset with it, but if you always use the default toolset like I do, then you will have the wrong tools. Or you could mistakenly merge the toolsets and mess things up. Just things to think about.