Chain Cutting With Wiggle Type Leadin


I find a problem when I program a wiggle leadin while chain cutting. The cut path does go from one part to another, but when it gets to the next part in the chain. the torch lifts and performs a wiggle which kind of defeats the chain cutting, in my opinion. If I remove the wiggle, chain cutting continues on as expected while respecting the leadin length. Am I missing something? This happens with both Windows 7 32 bit and while under Wine on Linux while using SheetCam dev.6.1.7.

And to save someone the effort, I do know G code enough to handle this and could manually alter the file, but after I array a sheet, I don’t want to find each chain event every time I need to cut thicker material jobs.

Thanks for any insight…

Can anyone at least confirm this?


Yes, I can replicate this. I’ll see if I can sort out a fix.
Edit: I found the problem. It wil be fixed in the next release.

Thank you, Les