Cannot seem to get tabs to work


I am testing Sheetcam, using the eval version and have several questions (this is the first).

I have been playing with three DXFes, one gasket for a Ford Pinto (to be milled in 3mm Cu(, one front panel for a Kelvin-Varley divider, (2mm Al) and one simple test one with a circle inside a square.

My first problem is tabs, I have tried inserting tabs manually and automatically, giving them various sizes. I can see them as blue blobs on screen, but they are nowhere to be seen in the toolpath, simulation or G-code.

What am I doing wrong?

Tabs are based on the material thickness.

Say you have defined the material thickness as 10mm and set the tab thickness to 2mm. If you only cut 6mm deep you won’t see the tabs because SheetCam thinks there is 4mm of material remaining.

Thanks! Setting the material to 2mm and height over table to 2mm and then cutting 2.5 does indeed show the tabs. Will try the mill tonight if I have the time.