Cannot Drill Simple Holes... What Is Wrong?

Simply put… It will not recognize the circles I have in the drawing. Circle min is .2" max is .3". I think my circle are .25", right in between. I could decrease minimum hole size to .01" and maximum hole size to 1", it will not make a difference. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the heck is going on. I have done much more complicated drawings with little to no trouble, yet this simple process of drilling 5 hole is kicking my butt. I have attached this file and named it “Vac Top 2”.

Please help!!

Vac Top 2.job (42.7 KB)

Play with your arc/circle recognition limits in the Drawing Import tab. I forget which selection it’s under, in the “Options” menu drop down. Your drawing program my be exporting as lots of small, straight lines (instead of arcs), which could be throwing sheetcam for a loop. If that’s the case, you can likely tweak the drawing import settings to get around it.

I think the main problem is that you have multiple circles on top of each other. This makes it very difficult for SheetCam to work out what is going on.
In cad select each circle and delete it. If the circle does not go away, delete it again until it does go away. Now undo that delete. You will have to repeat this for each of the circles.