Can i set cut paths manually?

I would like to set my cut paths manually as i am V cutting and don’t want the parts too fall out if i cut a little too deep.
Even with the cut bias all the way horizontal sheetcam is still cutting each square out separately. I would like it to cut all the horizontal lines first then cut the vertical lines, is there a way to achieve this?



Put all of the horizontal lines in one layer and the vertical lines in another.

(:wink: TP

that’s easier said than done as they are each individual squares, it would mean i have to effectively re draw each time and i have several different ones to do so not possible.

Any other ideas?

Odd looking layout for a bunch of squares.

There is nothing that you can do if they are all separate squares. If you run these a lot, I’d make the effort to just lay out the lines. They don’t even need to be on separate layers, just a crosshatch pattern of lines.

(:wink: How hard could that be there are ONLY 21 total lines and it could be drawn with 13 lines and a couple of trims.

The way you are laying it out will be be time consuming to cut. A lot of overlaping cuts.

BUT to each their own, (:wink: TP