Bug? Pierce Delay not set (zero) in post


The pierce delay is not being set in the post for some reason, although configured for the tool. See screenshots below.

The job file can be downloaded from

The post is for the Langmuir Crossfire Pro, which can be downloaded from:

Seems to be something with the job file, as if I load the SVG into a clean job file I get the tool pierce delay. I’ve tried deleting the rules in the file but that did not help. I even deleted all other tools, problem persists. I’m using 6.1.74, I’ll have to check what version the job file was originally created with, it was shared with me. That person is also experiencing the problem. On edit, ok the job file was originally produced with Sheetcam 6.0.30.


Yup, I can replicate the fault here. That’s a really odd one.
I’ll look into it a bit further and see if I can figure out what is going on.

Thanks for looking into it.

Well, that took a lot longer for me to find than it should have. The leadin type is set to wiggle. With a wiggle pierce the torch oscillates back and forth for the pierce delay time. The pierce delay time is set to 0 as you want the torch to start moving immediately after it fires.

Sorry for not figuring this out. At least I learned something, now I understand how wiggle lead in works.