Bug in Quick Cut Sequence

Hi Les,

I found a bug when running the Quick Cut Sequence. Job file attached to illustrate this issue.

In the attached file, the top right of each letter K is lower than the top right. As a result there is a small gap between the top of the K and the outer rectangle, i.e. this part of the K is not actually joined to the outer rectangle. So normally the torch kerf would go through this gap but in this case it’s too narrow, and so Sheetcam splits the cut up into several cuts.

In this situation I found the Quick Cut Sequence does it’s own thing. The start points move after you have placed them and the order number changes.

Is that to be expected in this sort of situation or would you consider this a bug.



This isn’t a bug, it’s a feature :wink:

The problem is that you only have one start point per outline. That generally works fine until you have a situation like this where you have orphan cut paths. In this case it tries to make the start point on each of the orphan outlines as close to the outline’s start point as possible.

Thanks Les,

good to know.