Bubba's New Computer Problem

I have been using SheetCam for many years and love it. My old computer died and my new one is having problems with displaying imported dxf drawings. Nothing is displaying in the work window. The dxf, machine and work area are not showing up. I just get a big black empty box.

Installed the old Standard version and it works fine.

My display driver is NVIDIA.

I could use some help on what to do to fix this.


Go to Options->Application options->display and select ‘use white scheme’. Does the background turn white?
Just checking the obvious - have you go View->show input paths and View->Show machine and work turned on?

Followed your direction and made some progress. Switched to the white scheme. Everything is in black and white. No other colors and I have not changed any of the default colors. The black square on the left is material, on the right is the table display, and below is the working envelope. Once I resized and moved the areas, I could see the imported dxf. It does create Gcode.

Now I just need a little color. That seems to be the only thing I am missing.


That is the first time I have seen a completely monochrome display like that. It has to be a display driver issue. Can you get any updated drivers?

I found the fix. There are two graphics adapters in my laptop and one is NVIDIA. I changed the 3D setting from Auto Select to High Performance NIVIDA processor. This fixed my color problem.

Thanks for the help. Would never have figured it out if you had not suggested using the White Scheme.


That’s a bit weird. To be honest the colour scheme suggestion was really grasping at straws! It is good to see you found a fix.