ARC Fitting Tolerance Setting


Is it unreasonable to keep the Arc fitting tolerance at .001mm?

I am trying to keep axis motion and speed consistant while plasma cutting and if I have a higher setting in the arc fitting tolerance, the trajectory planner in my control software slows down. At least it does on splines and polylines as it transitions from one segment to another - But also if the polyline is one continuous curve while in a CAD program.

The manual that I have (v.3.1.17) seems to indicate the opposite:

Increasing the tolerance will create more arcs,
resulting in smoother cutting and smaller code.

Am I misreading this? Thank you…


It depends a lot on your drawing and your machine controller. If your machine controller is very good at stitching short line segments you are probably best off disabling arc fitting. On the other hand if your drawing contains a lot of splines that can be converted into a few arcs and/or your machine controller has difficulty stitching line segments, arc fitting can make quite a difference.