Anybody using a DDCSV3.1 ?


Anybody out there who is using the DDCSV3.1 controller on a thc plasma table? Would you like to share your post with me? :sunglasses:

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Hi there…

Nobody seems to be using the DDCSV3.1 as a controller for a plasma table or won’t share the post. Therefore I tried writing one myself. It works for now but needs some tweaking and the g code isn’t pretty. There are some moves that aren’t necessary and some variables that were not clear to me have been thrown out.

It seems that this only works with the newest firmware (which is 2020-03-06-112NOR right now).

Maybe someone will give me a hint on how to clear and optimize the code? :sunglasses:

Attached the post here.


DDCSV31.scpost (4.53 KB)

I had a quick look and I don’t see any obvious problems. What don’t you like about the generated code?
I notice you commented out


That will mean that arcs are broken up into segments that are a maximum of 90 degrees.