Any tangential capability in drag knife module ??

Hi Les,

it appears there’s no documentation for the drag knife module.

Is this module purely drag as the name implies, or does it have more functionality built is. For example does it have any tangential control where the Z axis has rotary capability, so the Z axis is automatically rotated along a curved XY path.

If so, for sharp corners, can the Z be lifted at the end of a line/curve, then Z rotated to match the direction of the next cut path, then the Z goes down again to do this next cut path, etc.

This would be to use with a blade which is NOT trailing, i.e. a rolling “pizza cutter blade”, or an oscillating blade, where the blade contact point is directly below the rotary axis.

Or is the module nothing like the above.

The module is purely for drag knife. It generates suitable tool paths to compensate for the fact that the tip trails behind the pivot center line. I have a number of tangential post processors that are designed for the sort of application you describe. Take a look at the ‘Mach3 tangential V2’ post as an example. What controller are you using?

Thanks Les,

some time after I asked this question I realised the functionality was built in to UCCNC, the controller I use.

I did a search in the UCCNC user manual for “tangent” and found it had been implemented a few versions ago.