Adding Proma THC to working plasma cutter

Hello everyone.

I have had my plasma cutter running for six months or so now and have had great luck making all kinds of things.

I have a floating head but it has not been installed.

I use SheetCam and Mach3 software.

I purchased a Proma THC a while back and have been reading everything I can on installing it. I have been running Mach3 plasma post processor and it has been working great.

My questions are do I have to hook up the floating head or can I use it the way I have been? What post processor should I be using to get the Proma THC working?

Thank you for any help.

Yes you will need a floating head, might work without but not really a good idea.

I tried the Proma and was not happy with it, it’s very slow and makes big up/down corrections.

I just bought an MP3000 from CandCNC, much faster.