Add OnLeadIn() and OnLeadout() event

Hi, Les.
Add OnLeadIn() and OnLeadout() event,
It will be very useful, I will be able to change feedrate for Lead states, and will set a smooth increase of current for plasma torch.


I’ll see what I can do.

What about my problem?
Just remind.

I am working on rewriting the path generation code but I am afraid it is taking longer than I expected.

Maybe just add simple variable IsLead=1?

I am working on something that may help. Hopefully you wil end up with a variable that flags various things about the current path segment including things like leadin/leadout, cut direction etc.

Les, do it, please.
It very important, i want do smart cutting small circles on plasma, and i cant do it without knowing where lead state.

Hi all,

i have the same problem to make my LeadIn and Out …

  • for waterjetcutting -

i make a “hold-tap” allways at the Start → to the Endcut
with ~ 0.3 to 1 mm
then the contour is NOT fall down or in the beam/water

i think its going with a NEGATIVE LeadIn and Out

LeadIn -1 mm
LeadOUT -1 mm
so the contour have 2 mm at Start and Endcontur.

This i make with postprocessor inside in Sheetcam,
but i can NOT see its correct or anything :frowning:

and a good LeadIn i must can say “only the outsideCounturs” :wink:

comes the onLeadIn() ?
or its this a good idea for the next update ?

its verry strong to make this with the postprocessor