6.1.64/Win10 Tab Problems After Update

I’ve had problems since the last (I think) update where my operator says that my files don’t have tabs anymore. I’ve also noticed that tabs aren’t saved in the job file. Has anyone had this trouble other than me? :slight_smile: Attached are a job file and gcode as an example. The last operation should have tabs, but they aren’t saved. I don’t have a simulator, so I can’t check that they are in the gcode, but the operator says there is maybe only one tab on the whole part when there should be 10.
blue43.txt (3.26 KB)
blue43.job (13.8 KB)

That’s odd. I can’t replicate the fault here. I have attached your job with 6 tabs added. Does it load correctly for you?
blue43b.job (14 KB)

Ok, still using .64:

  1. Opening blue43b.job, I see your 6 tabs.
  2. Doing nothing else, I saved the file as blue43c.job and quit.
  3. Re-opening blue43c.job, I still see your tabs, so YOUR tabs are saved by MY program.
  4. Re-opened blue43b.job, and pressed “Clear all” and “Place tabs” resulting in 10 tabs placed as expected and visible as 10 blue spots on the screen.
  5. Saved the file as blue43d.job and quit.
  6. Re-opened blue43d.job and, surprisingly, YOUR original 6 tabs are back with no sign of the 10 tabs I placed using the “Place tabs” button in Contour/Cut path/Holding tabs.
  7. Re-opened blue43b.job and manually (using the “Edit tabs” toolbar item) removed one of your 6 tabs and added a new one of my own. Saved the file as blue43e.job.
  8. Re-opened blue43e.job and the MANUAL changes I made were saved just fine.
  9. Repeated Step 4 above, then moved one of my auto-placed tabs slightly, then saved the file as blue43f.job and quit.
  10. Re-opened blue43f.job and… YOUR original 6 tabs are back joined by the one auto-placed tab that I moved. The other 9 auto-placed tabs are gone.

I’ve attached this file, but I expect this may give you some clues. If need be I can do more to winnow this down :slight_smile:

P.S. Love the program, been using it for several years now to make thousands of parts!
blue43f.job (14.2 KB)

Any thoughts on this yet?

I finally found the problem. It has nothing to do with saving. Auto tabs isn’t actually placing the tabs, even though you get the blue markers. If you look at the tool path the tabs make no difference. Manually placed tabs work as they should. I am working on a fix.

This explains a lot! My operators often ask why there were no tabs… :slight_smile:

I am having this issue with the most recent update when I place tabs using the option under operations/cut path it will at the blue markers until I save the operation at that point the blue lines disappear. I can add them manually and they will work. Please let me know if this is an issue or if I am doing something incorrectly.

Thank you Tim

I can’t replicate this one. Could you provide a step by step description of what you are doing to create the tabs.

Recently I have the same problem with tabs. Occasionally auto tabbing is not working as expected. After clicking on the button “Place tabs” the blue markers shows up, but when I confirm with OK markers disappear (manually placed tabs work). Today I had other issue - tabs (auto and manual placed) didn’t work at all (with blue markers on screen). Found some sort of solution. Opening an old .job file where I know for sure that have working tabs, “Save default toolset” and start a new job. I had no success with opening a .job file with broken tabs. Another issue with tabs I have from some time - if I place a tab on a start point, lead-in moves before the tab, and not after it, so the machine goes to position cuts the lead-in, stop, moves to create a microjoint and than continue to cut again following the contour. It would be great if every tab create new lead-in/out.