6-1-62 question

Hi Les, just trying the new version and I get a message when Mach3 opens saying “Plugin DLL Defectice” , This seemed to happen the first time opening Sheetcam after the update. Is it related… or a Mach issue.
Thanks, Steve

A bit of an update. I did a system restore to a point just before loading V6.1.62 and the auto load plugin works fine but when I install V 6.1.62 Mach3 gives the defective plugin warning, so I assume it’s something in V 6.1.62?
But, other that that the latest improvements work fine!
Thanks again Les for a great program!

Hi Steve,

That’s odd. I just tested it here and I didn’t have any problems. I have just uploaded an update for a different issue. Could you give that a try.

Les, sorry but still broken. Steve.

Further update, after I load either V.62 or V.63 I get the broken .Dll message and if I load an earlied version (the latest one I have is V.53) it still gives the broken .DLL message when Mach3 opens. The only way to fix it is with a system restore back about a week ago and then Mach opens with out an error.

This is the DLL error that comes out in version 62/63
2º error.png
1º error.png

Could you go to c:\mach3\plugins and delete the SheetCamRemote file. Now reinstall SheetCam. Does that fix it?

Still no go… Actually, I uninstalled 6.1.63 , restarted, still get the message. The only way to get auto load working is with a system restore back to before 6.1.62 or 6.1.63 was installed.

Could you go to c:\mach3\plugins, right-click on the SheetCamRemote file and select ‘properties’. Could you tell me the exact size of the file.

12.0 KB (12.288 bytes)

I figured it out. I was accidentally distributing a debug version of the dll. This will only run if you have Visual Studio installed. It ran fine on my computer but not on most others.

Hi Les, Looks good on this end, working well!
Thanks again for a great program!